What is the Role of an NGO in a Society?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

During my studies we were given a case study which was titled something like: ‘Importance of an NGO in a Society’. A good 10 paged case study. Our Professor insisted that we analyze the case and apply a few models to zero in certain deductions.

Nowhere in those inked pages was a single word that mentioned about the emotional difference an NGO brings in the lives of the people being supported and also the supporters! The receivers get a sense of bonding with the society at large. They may not have got the opportunity to understand the concept behind a Non-Profit Organization, but they do understand the flow of positive feelings that comes to them in the entire process. They value it with a smile and these days with a thank you too! (ya! While distributing masks and sanitizers to kids yesterday, the ladies standing there were asking their kids to say thank you to us).

For them we have come today and may not come tomorrow. They know they must rely on their meager wages or income only, and whatever comes apart from that is bonus. Unfortunately, it is the society’s felony of creating so many demarcations, that not all may be able to earn sufficient for a living. NGOs came into picture to address the drawback of this unstated system.

However, are the NGOs able to accomplish this task efficaciously? A big NO! Re-quoting my aforesaid statement: ‘to these people…. whatever comes apart from their daily wage is just a bonus’. It wouldn’t take much of a reflection to understand where the gap is. The gap lies in the support received to the NGOs. As important the act of helping is, equally imperative is its consistency.

Some may argue that this would make the receivers dependent on the NGOs. To certain extent yes. But if this dependency ensures that someone does not sleep on an empty stomach, would you still choose the contrary?

It is rather essential that we focus on helping them till they become sound self-dependent, till they find a better job, till the Government provides better income earning source. Helping the society is not enough, helping them in the right way is. Would like to enunciate this with a real-life example, in my next blog.

Aswasn tries and understands the need of a particular part of the society (please view this video) and then strives to cater to the same. I may not have been capable enough to convey the value of your support, but I am sure the smiles in these pictures would be.

Your donations impact the lives of many. Please donate.

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