Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the entire world. There is an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty everywhere. In India, the COVID-19 case count has crossed the 4 million marks, but despite all this, the frontline warriors such as healthcare workers, doctors, sanitisation staff and police officials are striving to contain the spread of the virus. Although the pandemic has affected the entire population in fact many people lose their jobs, incomes and loved ones but on the top of that, the deprived section of society is deemed to be affected the most which include migrant workers, labourers, low scale traders, vendors and vagrants. The people belong to the aforementioned section are more afraid of dying by starvation than getting infected by coronavirus and for the sake of their help, NGO workers have come to fore who have neither abundant fund nor special facilities but still, they are serving thousands of needy people daily during the lockdown. In March – April when the nation was under total lockdown and the migrant workers were returning to their hometowns owing to the shortage of money and work, the NGOs had played a vital role in providing every kind of assistance to the returnees ranging from masks to food and water. They also

provided free transportation to those who were returning homes on foot. Besides this, the NGOs were helping the government in identifying the hotspot in April. According to a report in newslaundry,the chief executive officer of NITI Ayog, Amitabh Kant had sought help from 92,000 NGOs to volunteer the government in the fight against Coronavirus. Moreover, they were also asked to spread awareness regarding the pandemic and lockdown as various types of rumours were doing the rounds on the internet.

Not only this, some NGOs reportedly lending a hand to the transgender and sex workers who lose their livelihood due amid lockdown. They are providing books and other study materials to the poor children who are out of school as all the schools and education centres are closed since march and those children are not accessed with the necessary equipment to take online classes. The whole nation is praising good works being carried out by the NGOs workers during the pandemic. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi too hailed the work of NGOs via video conferencing and urged them to keep serving the destitute. The supreme court in a statement stated that the NGOs ‘deserve all appreciation’ for providing food, water and transport to migrants in this difficult situation. The NGOs workers are the unsung corona warriors who have been out of their homes leaving their families behind to serve the underprivileged from the day when others were busy at hoarding food and essential items to meet the end during the lockdown. These unsung heroes may not be able to contribute in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus but their presence gives a sense of security to the deprived section of society that they are not alone in this challenging situation and all that these NGOs want in return is people’s blessings, love and


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