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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Depression is a mental condition in which a person feels restraint to love and

happiness. A person starts generating feelings of disgust and hatred for his own self

and for society. Depression can affect anyone. As for now there are no particular

reasons for depression. It can be transmitted hierarchically or a person with no such

background may suffer it as well.

Today we daily come across a number of incidents where we see people committing

suicide. It’s an irony to see people committing suicide for trifle reasons. What is this

man! Talking about youngsters, at such a young age they think they are in love they call

it - shiddat wala love. If they don’t get success in achieving the coveted results they

strangulate themself !. Does it really make any sense to commit suicide for such trifle a

reason? They fail in exams, they end their life. It feels like they have no value for life.

People are so lost in din and clamour in their lives that they neglect themselves and

their family. It increases their anxiety and thus results in turning them to a direction of

loneliness and depression. People obsessed with social media have few or no friends at

all in actual life.

Most of the people have misapprehension that mad and insane people visit to

psychologists but it is absolutely a feigned interpretation. Infact one who feels any kind

of anxiety may visit a psychologist.

Depression was previously common in adults but the scenario has turned pathetic now.

Today, 1 out of 10 children is under depression. Childhood depression is a real, distinct

problem. It is a serious health condition, which if left untreated, increases risk of future

prolonged and more severe depression.

It’s time to generate awareness among people especially, among the youth.

Psychologists suggest maintaining a healthy social life and giving at least 10 minutes

daily for self introspection. Expose yourself to an optimistic ambiance. Keep away

negativity and negative people. Eat healthy, think healthy and perform meditation.

‘Alone are those who have nobody.

Make the world and your life a better with us.

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