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Did you know the fact that on an average our face uses 12 muscles to engender a smile and 11 muscles to frown? Since our face is used to smiling a lot these muscles are stronger than the muscles that are used to frown. What does it signify?

Remain frown for an entire day and you’ll end up with an inexplicable tiredness of your facial muscles. It is well said ,”Your smile is the greatest gift of all”. When we smile our pains vanish away, we feel a presence of serenity around us. Even doctors suggest smiling and laughing reduces stress!

How vigorous our mind feels when we smile and indulge in a convivial atmosphere! Woah it feels great ! How does it feel when you make others’ smile? In life many times we come across hue and cry situations and give up smiling . Life is akin to a wheel of fortune, at present it regales us and the very next moment it leaves us in obscurity. When the fact is obvious why do we shun our smiles?

Instead of frowning one can go for a smile. By smiling you clear the hurdles in the pavement for upliftment of your own soul. For instance when you help the needy by offering them your helping hand, they cause a smile in their face and yours too!. When you play with a child it smiles so as you do. Similarly, when you amuse a person who might be in some stress by cracking some jokes , they don’t laugh actually but at least they present a smile for once.

One should not smile in serious situations unless you want a hard hand! Before passing over a smile to others you should be sure to hit it at the right time and at the right place.

Your one smile can make one’s day or can do the vice-versa. Make yourself learn the art of smiling even in your hard times. Once you master it, pass it to others.

Helping others smile gives an internal joy which makes one feel happy themselves. Help others, give, donate, assist, be a part of the helping cycle and process. Believe it or not, it will not only make others happy but will render a sense of long term satisfaction for yourself.

"When things don’t go light for a while

Make up your mind and give a smile."

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