Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"For our tomorrow, they gave their today "

We sleep peacefully at our homes with belly full of food, totally unaware about the dangers around us because we know that someone out there is standing for us. We can't match their contribution and sacrifice towards the society but can support them by our small initiatives.

Despite the challenges that exposures to the coronavirus (COVID-19) present to police operations, agencies around the nation continue to respond to public safety issues in our communities. No matter the level of exposure or number of people affected , they were always there . They left their homes and families to ensure that we stay in our homes , protected with our families. ASWASN takes a small step by providing them with basic healthcare items to reduce the risks they are facing for us , but we can't do this without your support .

Our efforts may be small but a small effort from many people can create a BIG impact.

Keep supporting us !

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