Removing the Price Tag on Health

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Everyone talks about the right to health, however there is still a price tag to it!

According to the 71st National Sample Survey, about 63% of the national healthcare expenditure is borne by people out of their pockets. India currently has a mechanism for medicine price control, but it is applicable only to a handful of commonly used medicines. Patients are also victims of rampant irrational prescription practices that are silently followed.

It must also be recognized that for the poor, and for many rural and remote areas, medicines may not be affordable.

Aswasn strives to uphold a lifetime ‘free medicines initiative’. With tie ups with hospitals and healthcare centres, anyone is free to approach us for medicinal aid. As the name says for itself, Aushdhi Social Welfare Association (Aswasn), we ensure that a range of life-saving medicines are guaranted free of cost to the ones who are unable to afford them.

Medicines which are not just tablets, syrups or herbs, but also in the form of emotional support, a hearing ear, positive vibes, or even just a hug :)

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