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Education and its significance is not unknown to anybody. Education leads us on to the path of success. At primary level it elicits development of a child’s mind and enhances its cognitive skills. Skills are the abilities and learnings of a person which can be used to fulfill practical aspects. Education and Skills are intertwined.

Elementary education of a person is the most noteworthy chapter in his life. He puts his first step towards the path of learning. It is the only period when a child can develop its mental skills with ease. This is often called a sensitive stage in a child’s life. A quality elementary education prepares the child for a better tomorrow.

Are skills learnt only when we are well grown up? Skills can be learnt in any phase of our life. Even a child learns skills during its primary phase. It depends on the catching ability of one’s mind how one learns skills and at what age.

Why are skills so important ? In this phase of tough competition everywhere around the world, a person without skills is like a Sun without Light. What is the use of Education when one is without skills? There are a number of people with Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees but without skills and as a result they are unemployed. This situation is a proof that justifies the need for skills to be learnt.

Skills are well learnt with the help of not only traditional Education but Practicality in Education. As Practical Education is responsible for a person’s overall edification, skills make them a person fit for employment. Many students in their learning years go for the rote learning method. Of Course they get passed in exams with good scores but what is the benefit of such scores which can not provide a job? Instead of rote learning if one goes for a skill learning for sure they won’t sit idle at their homes.

For learning a Skill, practicality in Education should be strengthened.

Expose yourself in the light of education and skill

Make your way and fulfill your will.

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