Mental health???

While reaching this point of time in the twenty-first century, I realized something. As humans, we have been able to progress significantly, irrespective of the field. But like Newton's third law of motion (which although is meant for physics, but applies to life as well), this progress has cost us a lot. With success comes stress, and stress walks hand in hand with all kinds of mental health problems. The million-dollar question is whether we are doing anything about it. And the answer to that is sadly a no.

Keeping India as our focus, the World Health Organization states that about 7.5% of the second largest population suffers from some kind of mental health problem. Mental health constitutes about one-sixth of the health problems here. Now, that's a lot of sad people. The one thing that has changed is that the upcoming youth has become more vocal about this.

As a person who likes to observe more than speak, I have spent the last four years of my life noticing a change in the people around me. A lot more people have started speaking up about mental health, spreading awareness, and emphasizing why taking care of one's mental health is quite essential. And that seems like a relief considering the way things are going downhill nowadays. With the pandemic surrounding our lives and daily activities for the past six months, one is bound to feel lonely. And being holed up in our rooms all day, with nowhere to go and no one to meet has taken a heavy toll on the mental health of the public. But another happy thing to notice is that, while the number of people having mental health issues has increased, there is also an increase in the number of support groups, apps, NGOs and other forums to help people with this issue. These Organizations are a go-to-place for care and support.

Life is quite uncertain, and we know this now for sure. But the one thing that makes me optimistic is that no matter how much of a hard time one is going through, we will always find help and comfort, sometimes from rather unexpected places.

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