Very often we come across this line in our life; “It is our duty to give back to the society.”

That is a completely wrong way of looking at it. No, we don’t come in this world with a moral obligation that whatever we take from this world has to repay in the form of charity, because then it's not charity, you are merely fulfilling a requirement.

In many cultures too, many people only donate because it is said that “Punya milta hai” or “Agle janam Mein bhi insan bante hai” or “Swarg milta hai”.

We have turned selfless giving into a business to earn reward points from God. Charity is just a way for people to help each other without expecting anything in return.

If you can give back to this universe, even a little of what it gave you from the very day you came to this world, then you are so lucky. Some people want to do so much for others but are held back by their situations. But even then, they find a way to do something or the other for people even less privileged than them. So then why can't you?

Now you might be tempted to ask that, “How can the poor be more generous than the rich and privileged?”

The answer lies in the fact that they are far more compassionate to the needs of others. Psychologists refer to their way of thinking as a ‘contextualized tendency’ marked by an external focus on what is going on in their environment and with other people. According to recent research, the rich are only inclined to give away 3-4% of their incomes, whereas the poor tend to give 4-5%.

So, the next time you feel that you want to do something for other people or to bring about the change you want in this society, don’t think that you need to first be rich so that you could help someone with the surplus. All you truly need is a big and warm heart.

Sometimes we feel that what if I give away something and then I wouldn’t have enough when I would be in need? Who would help me then?

This has been very rightly answered in Anne Frank’s autobiography, she says; “No one has ever become poor by giving.” When we do good to others, our goodness comes back to us in many folds.

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