How to Help the Needy?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

My last blog centered around helping the society in the right way. Let me enunciate that with the help of a real incident.

This story dates to 1800s. Dr. Mikao Usui, who is considered to be Reiki Founder. (A quick liner on what reiki is: it is universal life force healing technique which uses the energies present around us to heal oneself and others). After he discovered this healing technique, he decided to live in the slums in Japan where he would offer Reiki to the poor and homeless. Then when they were ready he would help them find jobs and send some of the younger ones to the monastery, where they would be trained by the monks in skills to support themselves. The monastery was very supportive of Dr. Usui’s intentions but reminded him, “You must heal the whole person. A temporary healing of body and mind is not enough, people have to be genuinely seeking long-term positive change within themselves before a permanent healing is possible.”

Dr. Usui spent a number of years practicing and teaching Reiki in the poorest area of Japan and, although his intentions and offers of help often met with derision, he did not give up as many people seemed to be benefitting from Reiki. However, after some time he began to notice some of his earlier Reiki students begging on the streets again and he asked them why they were doing this. They told him that working and earning a living was much harder than going out to beg each day. Even though they had been able to support themselves they lacked the effort or wish to continue improving or maintaining their position.

On discovering this, Dr. Usui was very disheartened. He gave up his mission and took some time to evaluate what had happened. After further contemplation, he decided to introduce five principles as a part of his service. He then decided to travel throughout Japan helping wherever people were trying to create a better life and looking for an opportunity to learn and grow.

Sometimes helping may be a temporary act however for it to bring a more stable impact in the lives of the needy, it is essential that we follow a different set of methodology. Yes certainly, there are situations where the needy is helpless, like in case of drought or flood hit areas. However when we try and help the financially weaker sections, we need to ensure that proper knowledge is imparted for the receiver to understand the value of the help.

In case of ration distribution/essentials and hygiene product distribution Aswasn NGO follows the below steps to ensure help is imparted to the needy and is valued by the receiver as well:

1. Identification of the clusters

2. A pre-interaction with the residents to understand their needs

3. Before the start of the distribution activity: conveying the value of the act in forms of pictorial displays and how others have hard earned this money and donated to help them. Importance of hard work and education.

4. While distributing a brief interaction on personal level.

5. Modifying the drives for that cluster basis the discussion and experience.

As the helping face of the society, we understand that it is our responsibility to ensure that your donations are directed for the best of the society. Help us help the right way.

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