Updated: Sep 17, 2020

India’s healthcare costs may be among the lowest in the world but they are still out of the reach of a vast majority of its citizens. India stands on 42th rank in healthcare with 66.21 health care index .

Advances in medical technology and new medicines are indeed a boon, but to work in India they have to be value for money. Most people can’t even afford conventional treatments at subsidised prices in public hospitals,” says Dr MC Misra, director, AIIMS.

Low on cost, high on quality of care and with a wide range of treatments available — the Indian healthcare system draws over 1.3 million patients from abroad each year. The sector is expected to generate $3 billion by the end of 2013. In Harvard Business Review’s November issue, a study by authors Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti gave private hospitals in India a thumbs-up for “delivering world-class health care, affordably”.

Yet, 99% of India’s population cannot afford these services, shows World Bank data.

Each year, 39 million people are pushed into poverty by out-of-pocket payments for healthcare, with households on average devoting 5.8% of their expenditures to medical care, the data reveals.

Today, about 1.5 million NGOs work in India

The PRIA survey also reveals that 26.5% of NGOs are engaged in religious activities, while 21.3% work in the area of community and/or social service. About one in five NGOs works in education, while 17.9% are active in the fields of sports and culture. Only 6.6% work in the health sector.

ASWASN focus on providing primary healthcare to each and every person who cant afford it as we know poverty is one of a reason due to which the people who belong to poor sector community fails to get proper healthcare. Aswasn understand this and tries its best to improve the condition of healthcare in poor sector of our country.

Health is the Biggest Wealth in Life. It brings in desired Happiness, Enjoyment and Pleasure. Given things in life are priceless and can't be purchased with money. There is strong perspective that, unless a person is Healthy, it's difficult for him/ her to enjoy. Lets take a small step together to improve the healthcare in INDIA by supporting organisations like AUSHDHI SOCIAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION that are trying to make a healthy environment by providing and availing a better healthcare to all who cant afford it.


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