Just as a long and much-anticipated festive season comes around once more, hopes are pinned that will help lift the sentiments of a dropping economy. Being in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic has left us with very few things that we can do to celebrate the train of festivals such as Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Saraswathi Puja, Chhat, and Christmas coming our way.

But environmentalists have hopes that this might mean lesser pollution for the environment this year. India has always faced a huge problem concerning environmental pollution during its festivals. Because every festival means a brutal assault on natural resources like water, wind, and land.

Despite the numerous laws and guidelines laid down for the idols, Plaster of Paris is still used in making idols and non-biodegradable Styrofoam disposable cutlery is used for serving food in bhandaras and bhogs. Thermocol decorations, lead-based paints and even polluting kerosene and diesel gen-sets are deployed in areas that don’t have adequate grid supply for elaborate light decorations.

When we are aware of all these drawbacks of celebrating the festivals the way we do, then why contribute to it like this. All these festivals are celebrated for one reason, and one reason only, no matter which religion celebrates it and that is to celebrate what we have and thank God, nature, and all other living beings that we share this earth will for giving us life, food, water, and good health. Then why, why do we forget it and punish the same mother earth by polluting it on its day?

Why not do what something that will make the Gods happier and would give us far more blessings and more fruitful life? Why not help others, less privileged than us by giving daan – money, our time, skills, or resources.

We, at Aswasn NGO are planning to keep our very first Festivity of Donation. It is being planned for the month of Navratri. We will try to make this festival a special one for as many as we can.

DAAN UTSAV brings you one such way to do this. Formerly known as the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ is a ‘festival of philanthropy’ which aims to become a part of the Indian Ethos. It starts from October 2nd on Gandhi Jayanti and ends on October 8th. it spans over corporates, NGOs, many government sectors, schools, and colleges.


The Design for Giving School Contest inspires children between the ages group 10-13 from over 10,000 private and government schools all over India to design solutions to India's problems and implement them during the Week.


Goonj runs a Vastradaan initiative that provides clothes and other amenities to the far-flung villages, collecting on an average of 20,000 kg or about 1.2 lac units of clothing every month, processing it and distributing it through unique clothes for work program.


Stories of Joy brings together five short films that carry the message of Joy of Giving through interesting stories.


A "College Joyfest" to promote awareness and sensitivity among the youth of 300+ college campuses in India catalysing as fundraisers for the partner with local NGOs during the cultural festivals.


7Days7Gifts, a simple idea where people will be encouraged to do random acts of kindness to people they don’t know for every day of the week. The 7 Day gifting challenge aims to take the focus away from you on to others. The only real condition here is that each gift should be meaningful and some thought should have gone into it.


"Battle of the Buffet" events by the 5-star Hotels in Chennai and Hyderabad where they provided their most lavish spreads free of cost to NGOs of the city, who worked together as a city and sell donor passes to raise funds for their work.


Hi5 Club is an event by Bhumi and volunteers.org to engage college students and young people in volunteering for a cause of their choice for five hours during Daan Utsav. Students can volunteer either on the structured opportunities provided by or can identify their activity.

These are just some of the ways that you can celebrate your festival by helping someone and getting theirs and the Lord’s blessing. This is a way for you to make your own life happier and more meaningful. Why spend so much money on buying things like crackers, etc which will only harm the nature and do no good? Why not give a little and bring a little happiness and joy into someone’s life instead?

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