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It was a shiny day of 2020, when they broadcasted the news of ‘imposition of lockdown’ via different mediums. Every eye was shocked, every life was thrilled. What is Covid-19? Akin to this there were numerous questions in our minds.

Starting from China, corona made its pavement towards other countries. Rich or Poor, Black or White, nobody was untouched from its havoc. With the massacre outbreak of this Virus it was declared a Pandemic. corona has intended to take away thousands and lakhs of lives with it. An evil dance of death has prevailed all over the world. Many faced loss of their life, their beloved’s life, many lost their livestocks, and the despicable happenings has incessantly continued since then.

Amidst heart throbbing situations all over the world, Economy of the whole world has suffered a lot and is suffering a lot. Thus, the government has now unlocked many business aspects. Hitherto what has remained closed are schools and educational institutions. Study has taken a new turn, the online mode of study has now replaced the traditional one. But what about students who don’t have requisite resources for smooth conductance of online study?

There are a number of students who have ended their lives just because they hadn’t enough resources for studying online. This is leading to problems of depression as well. Is this a solution to such problems? Going deep down in one’s life one will discern many snags!

Scientists of different nations are claiming their vaccines to be effective against COVID-19 but an accurate result is yet to be found! What should be our action till then? Will it be virtuous to let corona defeat us? No, we humans are not supposed to lose our hopes that easily; What can we do to protect ourselves, our near and dear ones and our whole nation?

Awareness and remotely helping the society can aid us against this pandemic.

‘Those who adapt in the worst

lead their life in the best.’

  • Use masks and sanitizers properly.

  • Intake Healthy diet and make your immune system ready to fight.

There are many who are looking out for themselves and others. During these times, when people need medication and support, there is a need to provide free medicines to the needy. You can also do it!

Be optimistic and spread awareness in and out of society!

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