Updated: Sep 17, 2020

People nowadays want to bring about a change in this world, but do

not know where to start. The most obvious way that comes in front of

us when we think of helping is to give monetary aid when we see

someone in need on the streets or in our neighborhood.

But what we don’t realize is that we might be doing more harm than

good unknowingly.

The people you see on the streets begging can be categorized into

ones that are truly very poor and the ones that have mastered the

art of begging and now practice it as a business and force others to

do the same for them.

According to a study, up to 40,000 children are abducted every year

and the whereabouts of 10,000 remain unknown. What's more is that it

is estimated that 3,00,000 children across India are drugged,

beaten, and made to beg every day. It’s a multi-million dollar

industry controlled by the human trafficking cartels.

So when you give money to the poor kid on the roadside who doesn’t

have a finger or a leg, you might unintentionally be promoting this

business of begging.

So if you truly want to help, then the best and most trusted what to

do so is to get in touch with an NGO. With over 3.3 million non-

government organizations,India has approximately one NGO for every

400 people.

Also, many temples, churches, and mosques offer a chance for

monetary donations or voluntary help work to help the needy. For

example, in the Christian tradition, giving is a key religious

practice. Many Christians still look to the Hebrew Bible and the

tithe(giving one-tenth of an individuals income)as God’s


Similarly for the Muslims, giving is one of the five pillars of

Islam. ‘Zakat’ is an annual payment of 2.5 percent of one’s assets,

considered by many as the minimum obligation of their religious


The amount you don’t or the amount of help you provide in any form

doesn’t matter. It is the thought that goes behind it that matters.

Some people do charity only to show off to the world or maintain

their image in society. Charity goes far beyond that. Charity is a

selfless act. You expect nothing in return. But the world is round

and all deeds come back to us in some form or the other. If you do

good to someone, good happens to you too, if you wrong someone, you

are punished.

So when you help someone selflessly, your life becomes more

meaningful and rewarding. You get the blessings of many. And

according to many studies, charity improves health too.

Bringing about change isn’t an easy thing, but once you start

“Karawaan badhta hi jaata hai aur log judte hi jaate hai”. When you

start helping the needy people, other people see you and are

inspired to join you. You can inspire others to be a part of this

cause. Teach your children why we should donate and make a donation

box at home in which they can contribute too. Tell your parents or

relatives about it and ask them to support this and donate too.

All you need to bring about change is the desire for it. We at Aswasn NGO help bring about this change in the society.

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