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We help thousands of people by providing free healthcare and lifecare support and we need your help to continue this.

ASWASN (Non-profit organisation) is built on the principle of  "vashudhaiva kutumbakam" meaning One world, One family. Isn't it our duty to  stand by  their side in their  hour of Need?  We provide free healthcare and essential life-care support to all those in need.

recent causes

The work of an NGO is not limited by any boundaries. They play a very critical role in the betterment of society as a whole by devising projects which help to develop the society, improve communities and encourage and promote the participation of its citizens in the various developmental 


We provide free medicines and basic sanitary items to the people unable to afford them and setting up health policies for them to secure their future

194.4 million people are undernourished in India. We do ur best in reaching out to the maximum and creating an impact that lasts for generations

JAN-KALYAAN AUSHDHI is an initiative by ASWASN to built an institution to provide absolute free healthcare at all levels for those who can't afford it 


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